Blisswood Set of 3 Baskets With Lid Lock & Handle
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Introducing the Blisswood Set of 3 Baskets With Lid Lock & Handle, the epitome of stylish and practical storage solutions for your home. These handwoven wicker baskets, with their sophisticated design and functional features, offer an ideal way to declutter and organize your living space.

Why Choose the Blisswood Set of 3 Baskets With Lid Lock & Handle?

  1. Unmatched Durability: Crafted with a robust metal frame and handwoven resin, these wicker baskets are built to withstand the test of time. Their high durability ensures they can handle everyday use and serve your storage needs for years to come.

  2. Multi-functional Marvels: These baskets are incredibly versatile, serving a variety of purposes. Use them as laundry baskets, picnic baskets, or stylish storage containers for toys, blankets, and more. They seamlessly blend style and functionality in any room of your home.

  3. Secured Belongings: Each basket in this set comes equipped with a leather fastening strap and a metal locking mechanism. These lid locks guarantee that your belongings are securely stored, providing peace of mind and protection against dust and unwanted access.

  4. Lightweight and Convenient: Featuring a lightweight design and convenient handles, these wicker storage baskets offer unparalleled convenience. Easily transport them from room to room, simplifying your organization and decluttering efforts.


Brand Blisswood
Color Grey, White
Material Wicker
Shape Rectangular
Available in Set of 3 baskets
Quality Premium
Features Wicker basket with lid & handles
Can Be Used As: Laundry Baskets, Hamper Baskets, Wicker Baskets, Toy Storage & Picnic Baskets, etc.
Sizes 1. Small: Approx. 29cm x 20cm x 13cm(LxWxH)
2. Medium: Approx. 33cm x 24cm x 16cm(LxWxH)
3. Large: Approx. 36cm x 29cm x 19cm(LxWxH)