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Blisswood Cool Gel Memory Foam Sprung Mattress 8"
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Introducing the Cool Gel Memory Foam Sprung Mattress - the epitome of comfort and support for a rejuvenating night's sleep. Elevate your sleep experience with cutting-edge features and premium materials designed to provide the perfect balance of softness and support.

Key Features:

  1. Breathable Cool Gel Memory Foam:

    • Experience optimal temperature regulation with advanced cool gel memory foam.
    • Enjoy a refreshing and cool feeling throughout the night.
  1. Breathable Knitted Fabric:

    • Skin-friendly and gentle on your body.
    • Provides a cool sensation, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment.
    • Anti-allergy properties for a worry-free rest.
  1. Medium Hardness:

    • Strike the ideal balance between plush comfort and firm support.
    • Suitable for all sleep preferences, making it versatile for various sleeping styles.
  1. Multilayers for Ultimate Comfort:

    • UKFR OEKO-TEX knitted fabric: Ensures safety and quality standards.
    • White polyester fabric: Adds an extra layer of softness.
    • Cool gel memory foam: Delivers superior temperature control.
    • Non-woven fabric: Enhances durability and stability.
    • Transfer Isolated Pad: Minimizes motion transfer for undisturbed sleep.
    • Bonnell spring cotton felt: Provides responsive support.
    • Quilting foam: Adds an extra layer of comfort.
    • Breathable mesh sides: Promotes airflow for a fresh sleeping experience.
  1. Pressure Relief & Suitable for All Sleepers:

    • Keep your body aligned for improved posture and comfort.
    • Reduce neck, back, and shoulder pain with targeted support.
    • Minimize tossing and turning for uninterrupted sleep.
    • Decrease snoring for a quieter night.
    • Suitable for all sleepers, catering to diverse sleep preferences.


Brand Blisswood
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee - If there is any issue with the product
Warranty 7 Years Manufacturing Warranty

Memory Foam Sprung, Fabric

Model M2
Bonnell Spring 2.2 mm 
Size 90x190x20 cm, 120x190x20 cm, 135x190x20 cm, 150x200x20 cm, 180x200x20 cm
Thickness 8" Mattress
UK FR Certified Yes
Resistant Dust mite-resistant and mildew-resistant
Size Chart:-
3ft Single 90 x 190 x 20 cm
4ft Small Double 120 x 190 x 20 cm
4ft6 Double 135 x 190 x 20 cm
5ft King 150 x200 x 20 cm
6ft6 Super King 180 x 200 x 20 cm